About us

Sa Perda is a family owned and run residence, established with the aim of assuring the visitor the comfort and intimate atmosphere of a home away from home.

Sa Perda began from a passionate dialogue of two generations working together to welcome guests into this corner of paradise with the utmost of courtesy and professionalism.

Adherence to the natural and cultural heritage of the area, in conjunction with the solidity of family values, contributed to the name "Sa Perda", "The Stone". A name which relates to the concepts of longevity, stability and integrity.

“…everything which surrounds the stone may change, but the stone remains undiminished. Like the Olive and Wild Olive trees, it remains steadfast and strong through the passage of time and weather.”

Each apartment takes its name from the trees that characterize the native flora of Sardinia which grows wild, perfumes the air and is integrated into the local, traditional wines and foods.

So join us soon at Sa Perda where the ancient past meets the present for a unique and unforgettable holiday.